All these articles have been written by our guests or partners and represent our destinations in Western and Eastern Siberia.

Ski Trip en Sibérie., December 2021 (in French).
Ski de rando en Sibérie., January 2020 (in French).
Alla ricerca del cristallo perfetto. Skialper magazine, January 2020 (in Italian).
Tiefer! Stern, January 2020 (in German).
Sibérie: camp de base à Luzhba. Ski Rando Magazine, December 2019 (in French).
Siberia. Ascent, Backcountry Snow Journal, March 2019.
The snow Gods delivered the goods for us at Luzhba Skitouring Lodge. Style Altitude ski blog, December 2018.
Sibirien. Mystery Meat, Miracle Snow. Bergstolz magazine, 10 | 2018 (in German).


Few short movies about different Siberian corners will show you parts of Siberian skiing life. Skitouring in Luzhba and Baikal Lake area, life of local people and beautiful landscapes. But of course, no one movie can transmit the beauty of real presence. Start skiing season in November, ski deep light powder, try Siberian cuisine, meet nice local people. All this awaits you in amazing Siberia.

Siberian Powder | Skiing in the Russian Wilderness

A skiing adventure video about skitouring week on Lake Baikal, Mamay valley. Filmed by our friends and guests in December 2019.


Skitouring in Luzhba, Siberia

Cool video from Luzhba Skitouring Lodge, filmed in December 2017.


A day in the life, Luzhba Skitouring Lodge.

Filmed by our friends in Luzhba, December 2018.

Mamay valley skitouring. Lake Baikal, Siberia

Great movie from Mamay valley, main skitouring site in the Lake Baikal area. Take 5 minutes and enjoy!

Ride N' Roses - Luzhba 2018

Premier arrêt de notre transiberian ski story : Luzhba. Petit village niché au coeur de la forêt siberienne avec au programme neige de rêve, rando et froid extrême...

Style Altitude - Luzhba Skitouring Lodge 2018

Life in Luzhba revolves around the railway, it's the only way people / supplies etc get in and out and most days we skinned alongside the track. The start of the tannoy announcement was always three distinct tones and I deduced that it sounded like the theme from The Saint TV series and then a bit more Googling and I found the chords. The goods train take nigh on 100secs to go pass and are made up of nigh on 70 trucks and are known as the Siberian Snakes but don't worry I speeded it up. Thanks to a great team for their company. Full story you can read here - Luzhba Skitouring Lodge, November 2018.

The Great Siberian Traverse

The Great Siberian Traverse documents a 6,000-mile ski journey through Russia, along the Trans-Siberian Railway. The documentary - created in collaboration with POWDER and Sherpas Cinema - showcases a fringe backcountry skiing community, deep Siberian powder, and skiing’s ancient origins.
We consulted the filming crew before their tour and are glad that they have made a really good movie.