Few short movies about different Siberian corners will show you parts of Siberian skiing life. Skouring in Luzhba, freeride in Sheregesh life of local people and beautiful landscapes. But of course, no one movie can transmit the beauty of real presence. Start skiing season in November, ski deep light powder, try Siberian cuisine, meet nice local people. All this awaits you in amazing Siberia.

The Great Siberian Traverse

The Great Siberian Traverse documents a 6,000-mile ski journey through Russia, along the Trans-Siberian Railway. The documentary - created in collaboration with POWDER and Sherpas Cinema - showcases a fringe backcountry skiing community, deep Siberian powder, and skiing’s ancient origins.
We consulted the filming crew before their tour and are glad that they have made an interesting and funny film.


Magic of white

We were shooting this movie in November and December of 2011, in Sheregesh and Luzhba. It was not the best powder year, and we had definitely less snow than usual this time. But you can see, that even with such conditions, skiing and boarding was wonderful and we had enough powder.


Skitouring in Mamay

Wake up in the morning, bring a water from the river, stoke the stove and make a simple breakfast. Put on skins and climb on the summit to enjoy amazing view of Baikal lake. No phone connection, no internet, life as it was in the good old days. Real wilderness. Real life.



Series of short movies "Gesh" - is Sheregesh as it is, as we like it. Deep powder, magic forest with nice lines. It is a paradise for keen skiers! The skiing season in Sheregesh starts early in November and finishes in April-May. But whenever you come here, you will always find your powder turns. 



Gesh backcountry

It can be, like everywhere, that after few days of sunshine everything around ski lifts is skied out. But even in such days you can find a good snow, just have a desire to search it. Somebody chose snowcat skiing, and somebody goes backcountry. Wild nature, silence and beautiful views. Few friends, "secret spot", and you are drawing your line around the trees.