Siberia is the heart of Russia, a vast territory with thousands of kilometres of mountain ranges.

First, a few facts about Siberia: Being spread over more than 10 million square kilometres, the territory of Siberia is two times larger than western Europe and even bigger than Canada, which is the second largest country in the world. Its population density is about 2 people per thousand square kilometres. Underlying all this, Siberia is a land of mountains with more than 10 mountain ranges, each of them from 300 to 1800 kilometres in length. The total length of mountain ranges is more than 8000 kilometres!

Siberia is wealthy due to its gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, and many other precious metals and stones. But the real wealth of Siberia is its snow. Air masses from the Arctic bring early and heavy snowfalls, which guarantee perfect powder skiing as early as November. We make the most of Siberia's massive snowfalls, an incredibly early start to the ski season and varied ski terrain. On top of this, whilst in the most popular backcountry spots you may meet a few skiers and snowboarders, it's more likely to be just you skiing out there.

We invite you to this Terra Incognito to discover the most remote corners of the land, for an unforgettable cultural and gastronomic experience, and to meet the hospitable Siberian people.

Welcome to Siberia, the territory of mountains waiting to be discovered!