Backcountry skiing and splitboarding in Siberia

Siberia is a huge land with countless skiing spots. Using all our years of experience, our guide team has selected the very best ski destinations and itineraries. Regions, where we run our backcountry skiing programmes are Kuznetskiy Alatau range in Western Siberia and Khamar-Daban range (near Lake Baikal) in Eastern Siberia. And we never stop looking for new spots with the best snow, terrain and great views.

Fellow backcountry skiers and snowboarders, welcome to a powder mecca! We know why you love to ski, because we are skiers too. It is our goal to share with you the deepest and lightest powder, varied terrain and magical Siberian scenery.

All of our programmes can be customised to best suit your desires and abilities. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of this region we can organise a trip or expedition in any Siberian mountain range. Just ask about any part of Siberia which you would like to visit - even the most remote corners - and we will make your dreams come true.